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With Advanced Planet app, you'll receive offers from your favorite brands that are relevant to who you are, where you are and what you're doing.

Join us to get fast, simple and secure shopping experience.

Simply Enjoy receiving personal offers when shopping online and offline. Personal offers are time framed and automatically disappear when not used.

Simply select Brands from catalogue or delete them
from My Brands section

Earn reward points
Earn reward points for reviewing ads...
Earn reward points for reviewing ads, sharing ads with friends...
Earn reward points for reviewing ads, sharing ads with friends and buying
Brand is now closer to you like never been before
It has never been easier to solve issues. Juct attach picture or video and send text directly to a Brand
We care about security
Today there is no better way to protect your privacy than through the blockchain
By setting up your profile you store your personal data from your smartphone, PC, or other devices.

We use the blockchain as an authentication tool when Brands launch their commercial messages to you. When they do - your personal information remains locked.

How it is possible ? Your personal information is stored in form of hashes on AP blockchain libraries, which are used for several identity attributes : name, contact number, email address, your preferences, etc. AP architecture is designed to protect your personal data by building a link between Brands' servers and your device via AP blockchain libraries.

By selecting Brands, you actually allow them to message you. By deleting Brands from your favourite list, you disconnect them.

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