We transform every Contact
into an action
Create your business profile with us to power connection with your Consumers. Benefit from the engagement targeted wide ranging Consumer groups.

All Consumer data is enriched to enable targeting.

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Capturing Consumer attention
In our digital era, when it is increasingly difficult to capture Consumer attention, we help you to deliver right messages to your Consumer at the right time.

With Advanced Planet you can build long lasting and lucrative relationships with sizeable Consumer groups via a simple, engaging, sticky content.
Enabling greater Consumer retention
Consumers can now earn rewards for watching video ads, submitting feedback on questionnaires, and shopping for goods online and offline.

The more one engages, the more benefits they reap. Additionally each week we work with Brands to create new campaigns and offers.
We empower the Consumer
with freedom of choice
Upload a short video showcasing your product and the consumer is able to change the view point any time during broadcasting.

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